Targeting the Web Platform

Protobuild supports targeting C# code for the Web via JSIL, a CIL to Javascript compiler. Protobuild configures projects to use the JSIL compiler as a post-build step transparently, so you don’t need to perform any configuration to take advantage of JSIL.


The JSIL compiler is invoked on application projects.

To generate for the Web platform, use the following command:

$ Protobuild.exe --generate Web

When your project builds, the JSIL compiler will be invoked and the resulting Javascript files will reside inside the standard bin directory. You can then use the compiled Javascript according to the documentation found on the JSIL wiki.

JSIL Download

The first time you target the Web platform, Protobuild will automatically download and use pre-built JSIL binaries. These binaries will also be used for future projects targeting the Web platform.

You do not need to include JSIL in your project to target the Web platform.